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About me

David Minton, 1989, spanish / british dual national. I am an Architect and designer based in Valencia. I enjoy changing environments and diverse atmospheres where self-development is possible. 

During my studies I spent a year as an exchange student in Brussels and did a six month internship in an architecture agency in Bordeaux. In March 2015 I completed my architecture degree and started balancing work with an  Industrial Design MA.

Currently I am in Japan finishing the product design programme writing my Master thesis as an exchange research student.

Currículum Vítae

Design Engineering (MA)
2016 – 2015, UPV, ETSID
MA in Industrial design, product, retail and graphic design.

Architecture (Bach + MA)
2015 – 2007, UPV, ETSA
Architecture degree.

Exchange programs

Kagoshima University, Japan
Currently, Japan
Thesis research (MA) dept. of Architecture & Architectural Engineering.

Sint-lucas Architectuur. KU Leuven, Belgium
2012 – 2011, Brussels, Belgium
‘Cities in transition’ (MA) 1st year.

Experience in Architecture

March ’17 – Currently, Kagoshima, Japan
Part time. Project architect.

EDE3. Gestión de proyectos
May – Oct. 2015, Valencia
Full-time. Architectural design and construction site management on a project involving music rehearsal rooms and a recording studio. 6 months.

Polyrythmic Architecture
Feb. – July 2013, Bordeaux
Internship. Work on several projects on all of their phases, concept, detail and construction. 6 months.

City Hall, Lliria, Urban planning
August 2012, Lliria, Valencia
Internship. Working on licensing management and project revisions. 1 month.

Other experience

Kagoshima University
Nov. ’16 – Jan. ’17, Kagoshima, Japan
Part time. International Global Center foreign language teacher. 3 months

Stadler Rail
June ’16 – Sept ’16, Valencia
Internship. Marketing and new product development department. Graphic design work implementing the new corporate brand. 3 months

International Office School of Design. UPV
Sept. ’15 – June ’16, Valencia
Part time. Public information and administrative handling of the exchange programmes at ETSID, UPV. 9 months.

Studio Tomasos
April 2015, Valencia
Freelance. Work as an architect and designer in a coworking space. 1 month.

Milkglass Design & Crafts
September 2014, Valencia
Collaboration. Work in the design and edition of a handcrafted packaging for a band’s music album.


Circuito de Cheste Ricardo Tormo
July 2016, Cheste, Valencia
First prize. Graphic design for the track and new circuit image to be presented during the moto GP 2016 world championship.

European Architecture Medals & Best Diploma Projects ’16
June 2016, Valencia
Nominated. Final degree project selected among the 2 best graduation projects in 2016 by the Architecture Projects department at ETSAV, UPV.

24 Concurso Soluciones Pladur
May 2014, Madrid
Honourary mention. Renovation project in Matadero Madrid.

XI Concurso Cátedra Blanca Valencia
September 2012, Valencia
2nd prize. Sustainable housing in concrete at UPV campus.


Expocátedras 2016
February 2016, Valencia
Exhibition stand in the anual CEVISAMA fair. Supported by Ascer in Graz, Barcelona, Liverpool, Harvard, Valencia…

Colors in & out
February 2016, Valencia
Colective exhibition. Design of a ceramic tile produced in collaboration with Rocersa Cerámica.

April 2015, Valencia
Finalist in an architectural visualization contest.


Selected Projects 14/15
2016, Valencia, Spain
Annual architecture department publication. pg 496-497.

Ciudad Sostenible
2013, Valencia
Sustainable architecture magazine n15, page 42-47.

Book of Abstracts
2012, Ghent
Compilation of papers presented at Fragile week, page 79-80.

Language skills

English. C2
2016, Valencia
‘TOEFL iBT’ Score 100/120.

2011, Valencia
‘Certificate in Advanced English’ C1.

2009, London
‘General English Course’ C2, 45h, EF languages.

French. B2
2014, Lliria
‘Certificate Français Avancé II’ B2, 120h, EOI.

2013, Bordeaux
‘Français General’ B2, 28h, Alliance Française.

2012, Brussels
‘Français General’ A2, 120h, CVO KHNB.

Japanese. N5
2016, Kagoshima
‘Basic Japanese I & II’ KU, Global International Center, 240h.

Spanish/ Catalan
Mother tongue
2007, Lliria
‘Grau Mitjà’ Junta Qualificadora de Coneiximents en Valencià

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